Welcome to RealtyPro Academy!

You have just passed the real estate licensing exam. Congratulations!! But now what? The real estate licensing exam has all the rules of how to be a real estate agent, but what is the process? You may have a lot of questions.

How do I find clients who are ready to buy a home or sell a home?
What are the steps to selling a home?
What are the steps to helping your client buy a home?
How do I open escrow?
How do I close escrow?
What are my duties as an agent?

At RealtyPro Academy we have all the answers to those questions and much, much more. We took years of real estate industry experience and turned it into interactive trainings. At the end of each course we have quizzes to reinforce the learning. All of our courses are available on-demand to suit your busy schedule will put you in control of your career.

At RealtyPro Academy, we start with the basics. You will start with the BRONZE level modules. The BRONZE level consists of two modules, “Representing Buyers” and “Selling a House.” Each of these modules has four courses. That’s eight courses to get you started!!!!

Once you have the basics we SILVER level courses. For the advanced real estate agents who want to learn a very specific topic or just need a refresher we have GOLD courses.

There is something for everyone. Get started today!